About Eros on Demand

 Eros Unlimited on demand is an Eros Unlimited Production company in Long Beach, California. The company was created in 2013 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by it’s CEO Victor Aleixo, a Brazilian “carioca” naturalized North American. In his own words “Eros Unlimited Production is a dream come true, an amazing challenge that comes to life to enlighten the lives of people, places and situations that often don’t make it to the main screen.”

Our main objective is to create art in form of films depicting unique characters and themes to satiate an increasing desire of the LGBTQ (and also all independent movies lovers) audience.  The movies featured on this Website are only able to exist due to the passion, care, love and collective effort of independent artists, actors, producers, dear friends and family who share a deep desire of making our planet a better, equal and freer place for all peoples.

In the arms of Eros Unlimited there is no limit for the imagination, there is no prejudice and also no boundaries, in here ALL genders are embraced and welcome. So open your heart, let the God Eros show you the way to a new era of forbidden pleasures, hidden mysteries of human sexuality and different kinds of fairy tale love.


A Dark Man – 2015 – Premiere

Genre: Video Art, Suspense /14min

Homophobic Interlude – 2016

Genre: Experimental Documentary/ 17min
– 9º Festival Entretodos – São Paulo – Brasil
– OMovies Festival- Italy – Best Documentary

– Canadian Diversity Film Festival

Scenes of the Apocalypse – 2016

Genre: Experimental Fiction/ 18 min
– DIGO – Festival da Diversidade de Goias – Brasil
– Los Angeles Neo Noir Festival 2016 – United States

Rent Male Unrated – 2017

Genre: Documentary -17 min
On demand premiere

Welcome to America – 2018

genre:  Documentary – 17min

Miss Brian’s Carnival Curse – 2018

Genre: Romantic Comedy – 18 min

Delirium – 2014

Genre: Fiction / 16min
– Festival Internacional LGBT de Recife – RECIFEST 2014 – Brasil
– OMOVIES 2014 – Festival Internacional de cinema Homossexual – Italia

Queens – 2013

Genre: Documentary /19 min
– Festival internacional LGBT do Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
– Festival internacional da Diversidade de Fortaleza – Brasil
– OMOVIES 2014  – Festival Internacional de cinema Homossexual – Italia

FEB – Soldado de Guerra (200) – 2012

Genre: Documentary / 21min
– Associação Nacional dos Veteranos da Força Expedicionária Brasileira (FEB) – Petrópolis – Brasil

A fantasia de Eros no Aterro (Fantasy of Eros) – 2011

Genre: Experimental / 16 min
-TV Bar Nightclub – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

Director’s Biography

Name: Victor Reis Aleixo

Born in 1979, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Graduated in Communications – Journalism in 2009

Worked as a television reporter in 2009;   “A Demitida” Theather Play director and produced “O travesseiro”, “João por um Fio” and “Dispare” in 2010;   “Nos bailes da Vida” Documentary Scriptwriter and director’s assistant in 2011 and 2012. Executive Producer and Director of “Eros Unlimited Production” since 2010.